Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation



As you know, all non-profit organizations survive and thrive on the generosity and tax-deductible donations of our benefactors – you, and wonderful people like you.

Unlike many organizations to which you may donate, you can see the tangible results of a historic tall ship when it sails into a port near you. You can watch the wonder and delight on the faces of the children that board her to learn the practical lessons that only a real tall-ship experience can give. Should you elect to join us shipboard, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy that tall ship experience yourself.

To make any donation different than those denominations listed above and on the pick list, please use the “Donation” button above.

Please support us as you shop. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation at no additional cost to you. It’s easy, just visit and choose “Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation” from the search menu. Bookmark so that Kitsap Maritime benefits every time you shop!

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Children from your neighborhood, or your grandchildren, or even your own kids will bring home the stories and the pleasures of participation. “I got to raise a sail,” or “they let me turn the wheel,” or any of dozens of other delightful experiences that will bring history alive to young minds. You can take great pride and satisfaction in helping to bring this pleasant and historic educational experience to your community.

Please give generously, and then come join us dockside, and experience the fun of watching what your dollars have done.

Wish List

If you would rather donate some small tools, we have a wish list of small tools that we need.